Emma Sherr-Ziarko


Emma is an actor, writer, visual artist, dancer, and sommelier in training. She has worked as a stage actor in New York City, specializing in Shakespearean performance and scholarship.

Currently, she works mostly as a Voiceover Actor. You can hear her as Commander Renée Minkowski on the Audio Drama Series Wolf 359, for which she has won the Audio Verse Award for Best Leading Actress.

In her spare time, she writes, paints, crafts, and studies to be a Sommelier! She also hosts and produces Pairing, a podcast about pairing wine with art and pop culture. Be sure to check it out and subscribe.

Follow Emma on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to see what she's up to!

Richard III, Title Role, Wesleyan University. Photography by Andy Ribner.

Theater resume


Oedipus Rex, Chorus (Far Left), Wesleyan University. Photography by Jack Carr.


Shakespeare and Company, Lenox, MA:

·       Linklater Voice Training (Joe Alberti, Margaret Jansen, Robert Davis)

·       Verse (Dennis Krausnick, Clare Ready, Andrew Borthwick-Leslie, Kate Kelly-Bouchard)

·       Stage Combat & Clown (Michael Toomey and Steven Anderson)

·       Alexander Technique (Tod Randolph)

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT (Bachelor’s Degree in Theater):

·       Acting (David Jaffe, Yuriy Kordonskiy, Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento)

·       Shakespeare Voice, Verse, and Text (David Jaffe)

·       Directing and Lecoq Mask Work (Yuriy Kordonskiy)

Profound Sound Voice Studio, Florence, MA:

·       Voice- Singing (Justina Golden)


Dance (Modern, Flamenco, West African, Ballet)


Singing (Mezzo-Soprano)

Dialects (Irish, British-various, Russian)

Lecoq Mask-work


Stage Combat

Spanish language

Shakespearean Verse.

Richard III, Title Role, Wesleyan University. Photography by Andy Ribner.